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Home Protection Spells

Chelle's Mirror Shielding Spell

What You'll Need:

All the mirrors in your home

A broom (Chelle loves those cinnamon ones you can get at the grocery store)


Begin by turning all the mirrors in your house so they face outward towards the outside of your space, preferably against the outer wall if possible. just turning them so they face outward is fine

Take your broom in hand and stand at the front entrance of your home.

As you walk through each room, gently sweep the broom towards the doors or windows, guiding any negative energy out, and chant the following:

"I'm rubber

you're glue

Whatever you send

bounces off me

and sticks on you"

Continue this process through the entire house, with each sweep visualizing a protective barrier forming as if the mirrors themselves have grown to be a reflective bubble around your space

Once you've gone through the whole house, return to the front entrance, place the broom across the doorway, and say:

"and stay out"

Leave the broom across the entrance for a few minutes to seal the spell, then hang it near the door to serve as an ongoing protective talisman.

Laylla’s Tranquil Sanctuary Spell

What You'll Need:

Magical Broom(besom) or pine branch

Incense (Air)

A white candle (Fire)

A bowl of water (Water)

Crystal (Earth)

A symbol of the Divine (a pentacle, deity statue, crystal, etc)

White chalk or chalk that matches the paint around your windows and doors

Protection Sigil (personal, that you created earlier)

Begin by cleansing your space, literally clean your house. Then set your elemental items at their spots for later in the ritual. The broom and chalk by the front door, incense in the east, candle south, water west, and crystal in the north.

Ground and center yourself. Take deep breaths, feeling your connection to the earth and the divine. Then take a broom or a pine branch and, starting at your front door, walk widdershins (counterclockwise) around your house, on the inside, sweeping the air of each room towards the front door while saying :

"Broom to room, clear the space,

Banish shadows without a trace.

Sweep away the sorrow and fear,

Darkness is not welcome here!

Out the door, go the gloom,

As I sweep this sacred broom.

Remove the old, cleanse what's been,

Banish the shadows, let light seep in.

By my will, strong and free,

Manifest, as I decree!"

Visualize all negative energy, any bad vibes, any energies you have not personally invited, being swept away and out the door as you sweep each room and say the chant. Repeat the chant 3-5 times (in total, you don’t need to say it in every room) as you go through each room of the house and end at your front door.

Stand at the main entrance of your home. Visualize a sphere of protective light enveloping your space. Walk deosil (clockwise) around your home's perimeter, imagining a bright line of energy as you cast your circle, saying:

"With this circle, I cast a sphere of protection.

With Air to whisper, Fire to spark,

Earth to ground, Water to mark,

My will weaves safety, firm and true,

As I so wish, so shall it do.”

Move to the eastern point of your home, light the incense and call upon Air:

“To the East, where dawn paints the sky, I summon the vital breath of Air. Let the whispers of intellect and the breeze of clarity fill these walls, infusing this home with the light of knowledge and the grace of understanding.”

Proceed to the south, light the candle and call upon Fire:

“In the South, beneath the zenith of the fiery sun, I call upon the vibrant spirit of Fire. Kindle within these bounds the flames of passion and the warmth of protection, to shield and energize every corner with your radiant power.”

At the west, dip your fingertips into the bowl and call upon Water:

“To the West, where waters mirror the hues of dusk, I invoke the deep currents of Water. May the waves of intuition and the flow of emotional harmony bathe this space, cleansing and blessing it with your compassionate embrace.”

At the northernmost point of your home, hold the crystal and call upon the element of Earth:

"In the North, under the mantle of the starlit heavens, I summon the grounding force of Earth. Fill this place with the richness of your soil and the steadfastness of your bedrock, anchoring the energy of our home in security and abundance."

Stand in the center of your home with your symbol of the Divine, and invoke Brigid and The Dagda

"In the heart of this sanctuary, I extend an invitation to Brigid, hearth-keeper and guardian of the sacred flame. Brigid, goddess of the home, may your gentle hands weave comfort and care into every room. Bless this dwelling with warmth, joy, and tranquility.

Within this circle, I also call upon the Dagda, mighty protector and keeper of the cauldron. Great father, your strength is the fortress that stands against the storm. I invite your presence to encircle these walls, that your robust safeguard may be ever-present, guarding against all that would disturb the peace within.”

Using the chalk, draw a protection sigil above every door and window. As you draw, chant:

"Sigils of power, runes of old, guard these portals, strong and bold."

Visualize the wards growing stronger with each sigil you draw.

Return to the center of your home. Raise your hands and visualize a bright light emanating from the sigils, raising energy and growing to form a protective barrier. Say:

“Air, Fire, Earth, and Water's flow,

My will enforces, protections grow.

By circle, quarters, and Divine grace,

this home is now protected space.

All here are guarded, by decree,

As I do will, so shall it be.”

Repeat the chant 1-7 times as you feel the energy build; and then visualize the energy you raised weaving with the circle of protection and sigils around the home, charging them with power.

Staying in the center of your home, thank each element for its protection, starting in the reverse order from which you called them, turning widdershins (counterclockwise) to face each quarter.

“Earth, your steadfast support has anchored us. With gratitude, I honor your presence

Water, your soothing flow has purified this space. With gratitude, I honor your presence

Fire, your radiant energy has illuminated our intentions. With gratitude, I honor your presence

Air, your gentle guidance has graced our circle. With gratitude, I honor your presence”

Thank the deities for their presence saying:

“Brigid and Dagda, guardians of this space, I thank you for your divine presence and continued protection. Stay if you will, go if you must, Blessed be”

Release the circle by saying “the circle of ritual is open, and yet its protection is unbroken”, while visualizing the sphere of light gently fading but still remaining in place as a magical ward.

To conclude, ground yourself by visualizing excess energy returning to the earth. Eat something, hydrate, enjoy your space!

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