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Ancestral Roots Meditation: To Connect with an Unknown Ancestor

It’s easy today to feel disconnected; from each other, the world, our friends and our roots. I mean, we just spent a couple of years practicing how to ignore each other and stay as far away as possible. And as much as we are coming out of our health-imposed exiles, things aren't really the same. Many people are looking to witchcraft to help them find that connection again with their community, with nature, and with themselves.

In this quest for reconnection, it's not just about the here and now, but also about reaching back to our roots for grounding and guidance. Witchcraft serves as a spiritual GPS, and one of its most potent features is ancestor work. It's a practice that goes beyond the superficial layers of existence, plunging us into the deep waters of ancestral memory and wisdom. It’s a profound connection so that as we navigate the complexities of modern life, we're not alone.

Ancestor work allows us to access the wisdom, strength, and spiritual power of those who came before us. It's like having a team of spiritual advisors who know you intimately because you share a lineage. This can be especially empowering when we face challenges that require ancestral wisdom—whether it's a family issue, a spiritual crossroads, or even a global crisis.

But what if the ancestor calling to you is a mystery, a whisper from the past whose name and face you don't know? This is where the real magic of ancestral work comes into play. You don't need a family tree etched in stone to connect with the wisdom of your lineage. Sometimes the most profound guidance comes from an ancestor veiled in the mists of time, waiting for you to reach out and discover them.

Are you feeling that nudge, that inexplicable pull towards an ancestral connection but don't know where to start? I've crafted a guided meditation designed to help you journey through the spiritual realm and make contact with an unknown ancestor who's calling to you. This meditation serves as a bridge between worlds, allowing you to tap into ancient wisdom and bring it into your modern witchy life. Are you ready to meet the ancestor who's been waiting for you?

Ancestral Roots Meditation: To Connect with an Unknown Ancestor

To connect with an unknown ancestor that calls to you, begin by creating a dedicated altar space. Populate this sacred space with photographs, items, or mementos of relatives you know and symbolic elements of those you do not. Large and elaborate altars with trinkets and pictures and shiny objects is great, but a small space works every bit as well. If you have just enough room for a picture of your great great aunt and a shell to represent the shore your unknown ancestress once walked upon, you’re good. Incorporate candles, incense, and natural elements to create a space that echoes through time and makes your heart happy.

Include pictures & objects of the ancestors you know and elements representing the one you don’t. As much as possible use objects or photos of the time period and place of origin of the ancestor you are trying to answer. Make sure it all resonates with you and your intention! This part is important — set the stage by including sights and scents that will help trigger ancestral memories and draw their energy to you. Incense, flowers, food, pictures from the area or era. Get creative, print period pictures of homes or clothes, bake a regional dish, anything that feels right for the purpose of calling in the ancestor. Record yourself reading the meditation. Speak slowly and clearly and leave lengthy pauses so you have time to visualize and let the energy flow. You could also have someone read it to you, or sit and read it to yourself in a more active meditation.

Sit comfortably near your altar and take some deep cleansing breaths. Close your eyes and allow the energy you have created in this space wash over you. Imagine in the center of your forehead a small dot appears and grows larger and lighter until it is a shimmering, luminous portal centered in your third eye. This portal grows with each inhalation and exhalation of your breath until it is a doorway you can easily walk through.

(short pause)

Step through the cool, comforting portal and stand before a great tree. At first it is Yggdrasil, the world tree, the center of all the realms. As you approach you feel and see the tree change to be your family tree, your ancestral tree, the symbol of all your relatives many branches that culminated in you. See the beauty of the tree with all of its flowers, twigs, and branches, the central trunk reaching for the sky. Hear the wind rustle through the leaves; feel the sun on your skin, smell the earth where the roots dig in.


Reach out and touch the bark. As you touch the rough bark and feel the tree itself, the centers of your palms begin to tingle with warmth and you can sense a heartbeat and life force pulse deep within the tree. The sensation is powerful and comforting, connecting you with the energy of all those who have gone before, who lived and loved and helped create you and led to this exact moment

Hold the intention of connecting with the ancestor you seek and call to them either mentally or verbally. The call courses through your body and the tree like a breath, and from deep within somewhere you hear and feel a bell ring. The vibration is pleasant and there is a deeper bell tone, more felt than heard that runs from your hand to the tree, through your body and down to to the earth beneath your feet. You feel relaxed and connected with every breath as the warmth of the sun fills you from your center

(short pause)

As the tone recedes. walk around the ancient tree. Your feet guide you on an unseen path to an opening in the roots of your family tree. You enter the archway of earth and roots, green and cool around you. At first it is almost too dark to see. The light is the deep green of sunlight filtered through an old growth forest. Hazy and dark and comforting.

Continue to move through the deep greenblack light as the path begins to slope downward and coil around the center of the tree. Slowly spiraling gently downward you are led further to the depths of ancestral wisdom. The deep green light of the forest floor gives way and the air transforms around you.

The light slowly turns to a deep rust red, like the light behind your eyes when you close them tightly. The warm red light bathes over you as you turn once more down the spiral, a deep, grounding red. Feel this red light envelop you, gently warming your body and softly soothing your spirit. It's as if you're wrapped in a comforting, red, velvet, blanket. With each breath, let go of tension and sink deeper into relaxation.

Now, the light transitions into a vibrant orange. This orange light invigorates your senses and stirs your creative energy. Feel the orange light swirling around you, awakening your inner child and sparking your imagination. Breathe in the joy and breathe out any inhibitions.

Gradually, as you continue to walk the spiral down the path of roots and earth, the light shifts into a radiant yellow. This yellow light fills you with optimism and clarity. Imagine the yellow light illuminating your mind, a breath of spring and a lightness of spirit. Your path is clear, your mind is focused as your feet turn you again down the spiral.

The light now transforms into a soothing green. This green light brings healing and balance to your being. Feel the green light circulating through your body, restoring harmony to every cell, every fiber of your being. You are in perfect equilibrium.

As the spiraling path twists again, the light turns into a tranquil sky blue. This sky blue light opens your channels of communication and expression. Imagine this light soothing your throat and freeing your voice. You are heard, and you listen with an open heart. Breathe in deeply and exhale knowing you and the tree are breathing together

Your steps quicken on the floor of the turning tunnel and the spiral weaves in and around and down as the light deepens into a mystical indigo. Activating your intuition and inner wisdom. Feel this indigo light at your third eye, between your brows, unlocking doors to higher knowledge and spiritual insight. You walk further down, down, down the path spiraling in and out again as the color shifts and flickers

Finally, the light becomes a royal purple. This purple light connects you to the divine, opening your crown chakra to universal energy. Imagine this purple light as a halo above your head, connecting you to ancestral wisdom and cosmic consciousness.

As you bask in the glow of the royal purple light, know that you have reached a deep state of relaxation and heightened awareness. You are now fully prepared to meet your ancestors and receive their wisdom. Breathe in deeply of the gifts your family tree has brought you and exhale a gift for the tree


You come to the end of the tunnel, and as you leave the tree behind you see a light, flickering like a fire. There is a clearing here that is familiar, maybe just a whisper or maybe a full knowing. This place is comforting and you know you have been here before, many many times.

Look around and remember the details. Allow yourself to fully be in this beautiful, safe, healing, space where you feel familiar and relaxed and held. You are grounded and secure, comforted and peaceful, a sense of well being and healing settles across the space.

As you sit with this feeling, the fire in the center of the clearing transforms into a great ritual bonfire. From the edges of the circle, your ancestors begin to appear. Some come alone, others in pairs or small groups. They may dance, converse, drum, or simply gaze into the fire.

You will feel a presence like someone staring at you, or a touch or a whisper, but you will be called in some way and know that an ancestor wishes to talk to you.

Open yourself to them. Allow your unconscious mind to form a bridge to theirs. This is your sacred space, a meeting ground for the wisdom of the ages to flow into your conscious awareness. Receive that knowledge and be with them, hear them in many ways and know them.

(long pause)

As your time with them becomes shorter, ask if there is a way you will know they are near in the waking world, ask what gifts or offerings they would like and in what way they wish to be honored

(short pause)

When you're ready, thank your ancestors for their guidance and slowly make your way back through the root tunnel of your family tree, ascending through the spectrum of light until you find yourself once again before the World Tree. Step through the portal and return to your physical surroundings.

Open your eyes, and take a few moments to ground yourself, perhaps by touching the objects on your altar or eating the food you prepared. Journal your experience and the wisdom offered to you. Know that you have forged a powerful connection with your ancestral lineage, one that you can return to whenever you seek wisdom, guidance, or simply a sense of belonging.

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