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About the Witches

Old Witchcraft, New Path

Meet Laylla & Chelle - co-hosts of Back on the Broomstick and ride or die friends from the 90s. Their blend of knowledge, humor, and sisterhood forms a bewitching podcast; a modern witch's spoken word grimoire. Join them on this enchanting journey back to that oh so witchy life.


Our Story

Once upon a chilly Fall/Winter of '93, Laylla and Chelle crossed paths on an Upstate NY College campus, bonding over the mystic cards of Spades and Magic the Gathering. Ah, the campus cafeteria days—where caffeine and card games were the only spells needed. As their friendship flourished over the next few years, they found a kindred spirit in one another and their long discussions and mystic adventures evolved into a magical sisterhood. They studied the craft of the wise together and trained with a diverse group of practitioners they were fortunate to have in their local community and in the greater pagan world at the time. Their monthly rituals, spellcraft and meditation sessions, and knack for crafting powerful community rituals soon attracted a core group of witches. 

A couple years later, and they weren't just playing cards; they were laying down the Tarot and founding a full-blown coven and tradition, Circle Amaurot. Chelle and Laylla were not only teaching Witchcraft classes locally through their Coven and CUUPs; they took their witchy wisdom on tour! They were teaching workshops and leading mystical seminars from Salem to Savannah, as well as regularly facilitating large-scale rituals, workshops, and events in their local and greater Pagan community. Three decades later, they’re still stirring the cauldron together, ever committed to teaching, learning, and exploring witchcraft and paganism.

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