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Back on the Broomstick

Old Witchcraft, New Path

Back on the Broomstick is a modern witch's spoken word grimoire, where two witchy friends from way back are reconnecting to their pagan roots after a long period of mundanity. They're re-walking the path of the wise, & trying out all the latest spells, rituals, & magical theory in today's witchcraft & pagan practices. Grab your wand & your incense, your cauldron & your crystals, & join us as we get back to that oh so witchy life.

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Your Witchy Hosts

Looking to reconnect with your inner witch? Join our hosts, two experienced witches with decades of practice between them, on their journey of reconnection as they explore modern witchcraft and pagan practices through lively and engaging discussions. Back on the Broomstick is a circle of friends and a community of like-minded individuals.

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About the Podcast

A Modern Witch's Spoken Word Grimoire

Launched in February 2023, "Back on the Broomstick" is a weekly podcast covering modern pagan and witchcraft practices. The show is the brainchild of two witch friends with decades of experience under their belts. This podcast is more than just a discussion; it's a journey of reconnection.

Moon Gazing

When making magick you are the main ingredient

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